Online time management skill course

Finally! Diana Jervis Read’s popular time management training course is available for you to attend online


online time management course

price $70 (about £42)!

  • Achieve more in less time and increase your productivity at work and home by harnessing powering time management techniques such as goal setting, prioritising and planning plus numerous tools and tips
  • The only time management course that uses psychometric profiling* to tailor self-management techniques, tools and skills to your personality
  • All of the benefits you will gain from attending the productivity improvement course PLUS the option of watching at your own pace, wherever you are.


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This priority management course is suitable if you are:

  • Suffering from high workloads, too many deadlines; unforeseeable work, unable to manage your stress levels, seeking to overcome procrastination, and reclaim control and satisfaction with your day.
  • Ready to increase your free time and motivation, protect your concentration and minimise stress at work and/or at home.


What would you do with one extra hour a day? Don’t think you have time to complete a time management course? Worried about forgetting something important? Tired of never reaching the bottom of your job list?

This course will transform the way you work and live, giving you a powerful competitive advantage and help you increase your productivity.


Time management and organisational skills syllabus

By Diana Jervis Read, Time management Coach and Trainer, Ex PR agency MD and marketing group director
1. Introductions and goals
2. DISC Profiling*: The advantages and pitfalls of each DISC style in general and in relation to time management
3. The significance of vision, purpose and values and their link to effective time management
4. Goal setting, SMART goals and achieving your goals
5. Personalised time management tools and techniques, including: Covey’s time diagnostic tool, followed by an exercise using it, email hygiene, other people’s agendas (boundaries, managing expectations, assertiveness, saying no), delegation skills, Pareto’s law, scheduling priorities, achievable job lists, self-coaching, NLP Timeline technique and overcoming procrastination.
7. How to improve work life balance, including recognising the signs and behaviours that lead to burnout and how to manage stress at work.


All of this for the special launch price of $70 (about £42), which also includes your personal DISC profile which gives your drivers, fears, coping mechanisms, strengths and weaknesses in time management terms and much more!


IS AN EXTRA HOUR A DAY WORTH £87 ($145) TO YOU? OR JUST £42 ($70)?


*DISC psychometric profiling

    • The use of DISC profiling alongside the tried and tested techniques raises self-awareness and fast tracks results. Developed by Dr William Marston, the inventor of the polygraph lie detector, DISC profiling is widely regarded as one of the most potent tools of its kind.
    • You will receive a website link to your simple DISC profiling form for you to fill out which will take about 5-10 minutes. Your personal profile will be forwarded to you immediately and in conjunction with the course, will clarify your drivers and fears, strengths and weaknesses in time management terms, control styles, communication preferences and more. The results are fascinating!
    • The time management tips, tools and techniques in the masterclass will focus on using your profile results to modify and change your current behaviours. The highly personalised course will give you the productivity tools you need matched precisely to your unique personality. They will enable you to finally shed all the time wasters and minutiae that drain and disrupt your concentration giving you more free time every single day.


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Your trainer, Diana Jervis Read

Diana Jervis Read ran 2 award winning PR consultancies for 20 years. She sold the first to largest international marketing group at that time, FKB Carlson, became a group director and as part of her remit began to coach her team of different marketing disciplines in time management and productivity. In 2003, she carried out counselling then coaching training to become an accredited coach with the Coaching Academy.

Clients have included rising talent in government and major corporate companies as well as small and medium sized companies, start-ups, and not for profit organisations. 100% honesty and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Diana’s seminars are based on what her clients from all backgrounds and business strata have found to be the most useful and transferable skills, techniques and working practices. She delivers her seminars in a clear, refreshing and highly engaging manner with examples that are based on clients’ real experiences.


Start managing your time more efficiently now

Try out the time management techniques at work and at home immediately and you’ll see at once a real difference to the pressure of your daily workload, the control you manage and the results you achieve – and you’ll have significantly more free time. Customers are repeatedly saying this is the best time management course they have attended.


Double productivity and fulfillment by:

      • Staying focused
      • Maintaining concentration
      • Communicating better
      • Building new habits that work best for your personality
      • Feeling in control, unrushed
      • Keenly prioritising
      • Eliminating time wasters and increasing time available
      • Lowering stress
      • Knowing how to say ‘no’ and when to politely confront
      • Leaving work earlier
      • Banishing exhaustion
      • Stopping procrstination

What is the inefficiency of stress costing you right now? This course will allow you to take back control, reduce stress and increase your productivity overnight.

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