Team Coaching Courses

Team coaching course: creating a high-performing team through group coaching skills at your workplace

Course overview

The move from a ‘doing’ role to a managing/leading and ‘coaching’ role is not easy. Too often on-the-job training teaches us how to perform our own role but not how to help your team do theirs. Yet mastering the ‘soft’ skill of coaching is vital if your team is to tackle the hard work it is expected to deliver.

Today’s team takes many forms. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team performs, and what’s more, is able to keep delivering even when you aren’t there.

In this course Diana Jervis Read will teach you the key team coaching competencies, and equip you with the group coaching skills you will need to give your staff the confidence and sense of personal accountability that underpins every high performing team.

This will be a highly interactive course where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and try out your new skills with other delegates.


What you will learn

The skills that got you your job are now holding you back. In order to move to the next level you will need to coach others to complete the work you will be leaving behind.

Coaching allows you to multiply your productivity many times, getting things done faster than ever before as you successfully deliver through others.

By attending Diana Jervis Read’s group coaching course:

  • You will learn how to rapidly build a high achieving team, and the secret to keeping them performing.
  • You will know how to lead your team in the creation of a collective vision that will guarantee higher levels of ownership from every team member.
  • You will understand how to delegate work, and the most effective way to coach your team so that they can work through problems unaided.
  • You will have the chance to practice your new coaching skills in a safe environment and receive immediate feedback.
  • You will be ready to use your new team coaching skills to increase your influence on your team, your peers and your seniors.

Each team has its own challenges; short-term projects teams with unfamiliar staff from across the organisation, departmental teams who may not have been hired by the team manager; remote teams where virtual contact and limited visibility make team trust essential. Every team member will behave and think differently and this course will help you adapt your group coaching style accordingly.


Is this the right course for me?

Are these statements familiar?

  • Are you frustrated that your staff never know when they should take the initiative?
  • Do your long-term goals remain unaddressed because you are constantly firefighting?
  • Do any of your team fail to take ownership of their tasks or to be accountable?
  • Do you struggle to work on your business because you are so busy working in it?
  • Are you unable to trust your team because they don’t know what you know?
  • Are you resistant to delegating all you could, as it’s not going to be done as well by someone else?

If you lead a team of two people or more then the group coaching skills you will learn through this team coaching training course will help you address these challenges and more.


What people who have already attended say

I now feel more confident dealing with coaching scenarios. Diana was very knowledgeable and engaging. Very relevant not only to coaching junior members, but also more senior staff and clients. Interesting with a good mix of models/theory and practical exercises.”

Ben, Senior Account Manager

Outstanding and thought provoking. Really made me think. Much broader than I expected, including unexpected background to preparing to coach, and totally relevant to my challenges faced right now.

Vicky, Client Services Director


About Diana Jervis Read

Diana Jervis Read has spent the last 14 years advising organisations on leadership,  productivity and growth.

After founding and selling three public relations consultancies, and achieving financial freedom at 35, Diana worked closely with Grant Thornton as a Growth Coach then Enhanced Expert for the Government’s Business Growth Service.

She has seen first-hand how leadership and coaching skills can be taught and the impact they can have on team performance, motivation and retention.