Testimonials 2

remit than before.


empty “Following my promotion I had one-to-one phone coaching with Diana and have since asked her to provide coaching to several other members of the team. Her coaching was invaluable in helping me make the transition from working ‘in’ the business to working ‘on’ the business, and to learn new time management tools to maximise my productivity. Her work with wider members of the team has covered everything from stress control, talent management and confidence. Her previous agency MD and director roles coupled with extensive coaching experience make her our first choice to transform employee performance.”Sarah Pettinger, Managing Director


“Speaking with Diana has helped to clarify in my mind problems relating to new management responsibilities, and has given me the confidence to develop strategies to cope with potential future opportunities and challenges.”Dr Elizabeth Hill, MBChb, FRCA, Associate Specialist Anaesthetist 


empty “You have a talent for stripping away the layers of an issue to reach the core, where it can be solved. After our first session, the most useful hour of that whole month, I started becoming an authoritative manager rather than a ‘doer’ which has benefited my colleagues as well as ultimately the service we provide to our carers. I can do so much more in my average day which has made a world of difference in my professional and personal life”.Micheala Clack, Administration Co-ordinator
Carers FIRST www.carersfirst.or
empty “Diana helped me identify my key areas of work and ascertain whether I had what was important to me. She helped me identify solutions to problems and plan how to achieve those solutions. Her methods guided my own thought process to make me understand why I needed to address certain issues to make my work life better”.Helen Jenkins, Senior Legal Counsel
Japan Tobacco International
empty “I really liked the useful insight about dedicating 70% of business time to networking and your persistent questioning technique in looking at options which led to ideas I’d never considered before… You challenged my beliefs, made me look at things from different angles and helped me think about what is achievable now and what my priorities should be.”Sharon Nash FCIPD
Nash HR and Business Solutions
empty “Our work on conflict has paid off multifold. By looking at different styles of approaching conflict, together with imagining myself in others’ shoes, I am confident that I will deal with conflict more constructively in the future, as a result of your mentoring.
Our sessions have made me much more aware of what I value highly, and how to safeguard those values. One insight was like a bolt of lightening and the more I reflect on it, the more useful that information about myself is.”Kate Pink, Freelance Picture Researcher and PA
empty “My session with Diana was very productive and insightful. It certainly helped me crystallize my thinking as to the way forward with my business. With the manner that she conducted the session, I was able to verbalize and lay out the options that had been mulling around in my head for a while, and Diana helped me review the options and then decide which ones to pursue or not to pursue at this stage. I would recommend Diana for any coaching that you may be looking for – you won’t regret it.”Tina Fegent, Procurement Consultant
empty “After my first hour it became clear to me that I must not be so negative about my work and just go for it. I felt much more positive about my work than I had felt for ages, and determined to achieve the goal set.”Cathy Knox
empty “I first agreed to meet Diana through a mutual friend who Diana had helped. I admit I had felt somewhat sceptical as to how Diana might help me and if truth be told I went along primarily to appease my friend. I had previously discussed with Diana on the phone that my chosen area of coaching would be specifically how to be successful in attracting new business.Having spent all my working life in positions of sales and marketing and latterly having successfully run my own company I was doubtful as to how Diana might bring new initiatives to this area.Well I have to say that I found the whole experience stimulating and thought provoking in areas and ways that I hadn’t considered. I am now in the process of putting these ideas into play in the workplace ,feeling energised through my meetings with Diana to achieve positive results. For any sceptics out there I would say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”Steve Puttock, Sales Director
E-Graphics London 
empty “I have gained insight from Diana and have learnt much from her. I find her to be a professional of the highest integrity with a natural flair for leadership. Her attention to detail sets her apart”.Michelle Defilippi, Director Donor Funding and Human Resources
Knysna Hospice www.hospiceknysna.org.za
“We asked Diana to deliver a short training course on Conflict Management for our Senior Managers in December 2008. Diana is a very personable trainer and has an engaging style of presentation. She was able to deliver a bespoke course based on our requirements in a well thought out and structured presentation. She has an excellent understanding of the theories which underpin this topic and was able to communicate these theories in a clear and concise way.
We found the course very informative and useful and value her knowledge and facilitation of the training session.”Amanda Celliers, HR Manager
Haygarth Group (integrated marketing agency).
empty “As a business coach, Diana helped bring clarity to my thought process and challenged my approach to key business issues. She helped me cut through the ‘noise’, get to the real issues and quickly find positive resolutions, saving me time, and helping me deliver better more complete results to my clients.”Sarah Billson, Director
Tickling The Trout Ltd
empty “Diana challenged me to achieve the ultimate result.
She got me motivated and prepared to take action”.Leila Witkin, Personal & Corporate Coach
(Coaches benefit from coaching too!)