Testimonials for Time Management Coaching


Melanie Morton “Ironically enough, I even found it hard to find the time to sit down with Diana, however once I did it really changed my life. The session enabled me to look at my work life balance and realise that I am not superwoman and that something had to be done to create a balance. Since our session I have put the discussed criteria into place and have seen a huge change. I feel more in control, I have expanded my horizons and realised ambitions, and all those around me seem happier – husband and children included. I highly recommend going through such a process, it is truly enlightening.”Melanie Morton, Director
Clarion Communications
Lloyd Taylor “Having incorporated all your suggestions from session 1 & 2, I am all but a transformed person in the workplace. I would like to save the last 2 sessions for time when I feel I have either slipped, or in need of further/different assistance. If you could let me know if this is possible, that would be kindly appreciated”.Lloyd Taylor, Owner, ThinkTaps www.thinktaps.co.uk
““I was called to the Bar in 1998 and specialise in clinical negligence and personal injury claims.
When I started working with Diana I had some terrible work habits. I would generally work late every week night and always worked at least one day each weekend. Working late meant that I would eat late and therefore I would go to bed late, as a result of which I was chronically sleep deprived and hopelessly inefficient. With Diana, I have gradually replaced each time wasting or procrastinating habit with new tools and techniques that have given me a social life and the time to achieve other personal goals. I know that I am not alone in this.
The bar is full of stressed, tired, individuals, struggling to work efficiently in an environment that is largely without structure. Unfortunately, this often means working long hours, inefficiently, and losing all control over work/life balance. In short, this is a profession in real need of Diana’s help”.Barrister, Hardwicke, Lincoln’s Inn, www.hardwicke.co.uk
empty “Diana’s mentoring has been critical to the rapid expansion of my business. She has greatly improved my communications with clients and colleagues and motivated me to convert procrastination into making and finding time for prioritised actions”.Mark Parkin FIDTA, Dance Teacher
empty “Diana’s perceptive questioning and exercises enabled me to discover what was draining me and to rewrite my day to achieve as much but have more personal time. This restored my work life balance, which in turn increased my productivity and eliminated my feelings of stress”.Julia Fenwick, Senior Consultant, Capstone Hill Search
empty “After just the first 2 phone coaching sessions, my Head of Project Management complimented me on my new ways of working: not only was she impressed with me scheduling all my ‘must-dos’ to eliminate the risk of forgetting anything, but she has noticed I’m rushing less and more in control thanks to my new organisational skills. After 4 weeks I noticed how much more I’m fitting into each day.”Tom Kelly, Project Manager
Jane Doyle “I was looking for a promotion but I was told unless I could manage my time more effectively it would never happen. By implementing 7 of Diana’s strategies I got the promotion I wanted and now I finish work on time”.Jane Doyle, London
“Diana helped me get an extra hour a day, which I spend with my wife and my family and now my kids know who I am and my wife is actually talking to me!”Guy Thomas, Birmingham