Testimonials for time management courses

Directors’ Testimonials

“We were extremely impressed with the content of Diana’s seminar and subsequently invested in 5 sessions so that every company member could reap the benefits, and are offering the whole team a follow-up session. Since the workshops encouraging changes have been made and project teams have been created to address other issues that were identified. Mixing the groups up was beneficial to mutual understanding.”David Westgate, Partner, Operations, TDA (The Direct Agency), Cheltenham
mark pearson “Most interesting to me was understanding the type of person you are in relation to how you should work and what you need to improve, the small as well as the big things. As a result, amongst other things, I shall spend much less time on email and on other people’s agendas, and take more breaks.”Mark Pearson, Creative Director, TDA
martin woolley “Excellent, Enjoyable and relaxed session, which offered us tangible tasks and tools that will make a big difference to our effectiveness, which is why we have committed to rolling out the sessions for the whole 60+ workforce.”Martin Woolley, Group Media Director, The Specialist Works, London
“I just wanted to let you know that a few people have told me how useful they found the sessions and how they’re already putting some of the ideas into practice. Two members of staff have told me they’re dealing with Q1 tasks! One barrister has asked about your rates for follow-up training. I hope we have the chance to work with you again.”Christine Kings, Commercial Director, Outer Temple Chambers
Parry Jones “Really useful, practical advice delivered with a good teaching style. Useful to understand different types of people and how they react to different stimuli and pressures along with practical tips on improvement. I expect to plan and organise myself better now.”Parry Jones, Director, The Insert House, London

Saatchi & Saatchi

“I found this presentation so helpful. Thank you.”Millie Brady, New Business, Saatchi & Saatchi

J Walter Thompson

“Great presentation, I’m looking forward to implementing the skills discussed at work.”Alexandra Peacock, Account Manager, J Walter Thompson

The Direct Agency

“Excellent. I came away very motivated and am re-training myself as a result! Great to hear someone who understands the issues we face and offer suggestions to overcoming them. Can see lots of things that we can do to improve our time management. Informative and thought provoking.”Sarah Giddy, Traffic Manager, TDA
TomF “All valuable, relevant, tried, tested and effective techniques”. Tom, Creative, TDA

The Specialist Works

“Useful to see how coping traits change at work and under pressure. I enjoyed the prioritising tips and will organise my priorities better as a result.”Lynda Rice, Digital Account Executive, The Specialist Works
“The profiling helps open your eyes as to your own personality, and the personality of your colleagues, key to making things happen faster and more easily. I shall start by eating a frog every morning and reply to any email I read rather than putting it on the waiting list. I then intend to pay more attention to establishing where my time is most productive and utilising my best time of day for such tasks.”Falilou Diallo, The Specialist Works
“Very revealing in understanding good and bad habits in work.”Trevor Gamesby, The Specialist Works
“Uncannily informative – lots of new insights. Psychometric profile useful in identifying why I become distracted and consequently enabling me to prevent this recurring. Very useful and interesting perspective on time management issues. I shall no longer read emails as they are received!”Anon, The Specialist Works

Outer Temple Chambers

“Excellent information and tips I will action including decluttering my emails and my desk, resetting targets for the new business year and lining up my goals – and thinking about doing the same at home!” Stephen Somerville, Senior Clerk, Outer Temple Chambers
“Found it wide-ranging, stimulating and practical, especially Covey’s quadrant and eating a frog!” Shiraz Oshidar, Executive Assistant to the Commercial Director, Outer Temple Chambers
“Useful to self-examine and undersand some of the personality traits that affect you. I shall note peak and slump times and look at tasks holistically.” Paul Livingston, Pupil, Outer Temple Chambers
“Enjoyed the relaxed environment and identifying the type of profile I have.” Dave Scothern, Business development director and barristers’ clerk, Outer Temple Chambers
“So valuable to reflect on different ways of working. Most interesting and useful were the profiling , and (understanding) different responses to your own profile; reviewing your own ‘time wasters’ and reflecting on improvements you can make. (As a result) I shall have an email clearout, minimise email time wasters, and daily list 3 priorities daily and self evaluate.” Judy Gant, fees clerk, Outer Temple Chambers
“Well presented (with a) good mix of interactive and listening. Good, simple suggestions (including) better prioritisation and a system for managing emails more effectively.” Nick Levett, business clerk, Outer Temple Chambers
“I thought the class was very educational. (Amongst other things) most useful is learning what I can do better in my peak times and buying time when I need to.” Manvir Bhogal, clerk, Outer Temple Chambers
“It has helped me understand how to prioritise my workload and reminded me of the value of stepping back and considering. Most valuable is that I now know my profile because it makes it easier to deal with people in other groups, and I can copy effective traits from them. I shall review how I prioritise my task list and focus on completing tasks, sort emails, declutter and carry out a time log.” Anonymous clerk, Outer Temple Chambers

Stopgap Recruitment

“The DISC profiling, understanding the profiles within my team, and priorities scheduling were excellent. I shall now be better at tempering my ‘I’.” Victoria Milne, Consultant, Stopgap
“Very stimulating and useful to raise awareness about how we each work! I shall now set goals and realise the relevance of them, swallow the frog, control emails etc.” Sarah Hockey, Recruitment Executive, Stopgap
“All relevant and really valuable to know why I am how I am and which techniques therefore suit me better. A great eye-opener too. I shall be less butterfly, more focussed, and utilise my peaks and troughs.” Julia Geens, Consultant, Stopgap
“An interesting and dynamic session. I shall make 3 priorities every day and have weekly goals as a result, then eat a frog etc.” Georgie Clarke, Employee Relations Executive, Stopgap
“Excellent, informative, team spirited, collaborative. I intend to prioritise, delegate and understand the size of each project and how to manage the schedule.” Katie Boston, Senior Consultant, Stopgap

The Digital House

“Very interesting. I like assessing my personality in a simplified way and learning how to exploit my strengths and lessen the effects of weaknesses when I don’t have time to do this normally! As a result my task management will improve and I shall start to exploit my strengths.”Bradley Roberts, Display Manager, The Digital House, London

The Broadcast House

“Very revealing! I intend to prioritise better and not to let email distract me any more.”Rob Heard, Head of Creative, The Broadcast House, London


simon stevens “Excellent and very inspiring. Will make me look differently at what I do day-to-day which should make it possible to tease out extra time.”Simon Stevens, Designer, Omobono, Cambridge
“Really interesting and accurate analysis. Clear concise points with simple, practical steps to follow.”Lauren Robertson, Designer, Omobono