Time Management Training and Courses and Coaching

I carry out time management training courses in both inner and outer London and the rest of the UK, and also offer one-to-one time management coaching and training courses.


Effective Time Management Course and Organisational Skills Training at your workplace.

  • By Diana Jervis Read Time Management Trainer, Coach and Consultant
    ex PR agency MD and marketing group director.
  • £500 per intense 3 hour session for up to 10 delegates.

Please enquire directly re corporate presentations and in-house seminars.

The benefits:

  •  DISC psychometric profiling personalises effective time management tools and techniques to the strengths and weaknesses of each individual present.
  • Learn how to achieve more in less time.
  • Minimise stress and procrastination.
  • Keenly plan, prioritise, delegate tasks and schedule your workload,  including unforeseeable work.
  • Increase your control, concentration and motivation.

… or your money refunded (but it hasn’t been requested yet!)

Who is this training course suitable for?

  • Relevant whether you work in the private or public sector, chambers, school, hospital, charity: bespoke presentation will be tailored to reflect each audience’s issues.
  • It is designed for professionals who battle with large workloads, a high amount of deadlines and unforeseeable work which is hard to prioritise.

Time management masterclass training


Summary of effective time management masterclass syllabus:

1. Introductions and goals of the day, including identifying personal objectives and goals for the session.

2. DISC Profiling: The advantages and pitfalls of each DISC style in general and in relation to time management.

3. The significance of vision, purpose and values and their link to effective time efficiency.

4. Setting and achieving SMART goals.

5. Personalised time saving solutions, including:

  • Covey’s time diagnostic tool, followed by an exercise using it.
  • Email hygiene.
  • Other people’s agendas (boundaries, managing expectations, assertiveness, saying no).
  • Delegation.
  • Pareto’s law.
  • Scheduling priorities.
  • Achievable task joblists.
  • Self coaching techniques including nlp.
  • Overcoming procrastination.

6. Exercise re effective responses to time pressure.

7. How to improve work life balance, including recognising the signs and behaviours in business that lead to burnout.

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Time Management courses and coaching, face-to-face or by phone or both

As a time efficiency trainer and consultant, I enable busy people to earn, on average, one extra hour every day.

  • Tired of too much stress?
  • Being pressured by task to do lists that never end?
  • Priorities never achieved?
  • Concentration being shot to pieces?
  • Tormented by a boss you can never say no to?
  • Simply want more hours in your week, and need to replace rushing with control?

Then ring me! Diana Jervis Read,

Time Management Coach and Consultancy, ex PR agency MD and marketing group director.

I know I can help through affordable coaching or mentoring or a combination. Steal back your time… it’s easier than you think!

Coaching is as efficient at making more time and reducing stress in your home life as it is in the workplace.


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