“My aim is to make a constructive and enduring difference to every person and company I coach –

– or your money back, guaranteed.”

Diana Jervis Read BA Hons
Coach and business mentor, London

Diana Jervis Read, JR Performance Coaching

Diana Jervis Read, JR Performance Coaching

I am an accredited professional achievement coach1with 20 years experience as founder and MD of  award winning2 PR consultancies. I know that I can make a difference – to teams, businesses, individuals and organisations.

During my time, I have also been a marketing group director and managed many teams, guiding them to increase revenue consistently year on year and helping them to secure impressive results in terms of productivity, talents and expertise.

My clients have included rising talent in government3and major corporate companies,4 small and medium sized companies as well as start-ups and not for profit organisations.

Since 2004  I have worked as a counsellor, business mentor and speaker and developed proficiency with DISC psychometric profiling. A skilled expert in communication, I subtly influence changes in human behaviour to enterprising effect. 100% honesty and confidentiality is guaranteed.

My job is to add value to organisations by giving executives, directors, managers and business owners the focus necessary to define their goals with a prescriptive plan of action to achieve them. My task is to make it all happen in the fastest and most efficient ways possible – using very powerful practical tools.

Typically this involves opportunities and challenges of leadership, promotion, confidence, teamwork, customer focus and communication skills.

All of us have the potential for better performance – if we understand what motivates us to do what we do, analyse why we do what we do and have the inspiration to make the necessary changes. My work will help you to improve pre-agreed areas of performance that can impact directly on the profitability of the company. I’ll work with you until you reach your goals and I believe you’ll find the experience enjoyable and liberating… all of my clients say they do!

77% respondents from a sample of 2000 British employees feel that they would benefit from more training.5


After Coaching

My clients have reported improved relationships with their colleagues and clients and significant cost reductions alongside better forward facing service.  The future surely belongs to companies that understand their own people, invest in developing their skills and expertise and prepare them to better take care of their customers and clients.


Recent clients

I have been coaching and presenting to rising talent including entrepreneurs, leaders and managers across a broad range of industries such as IT, finance, law, manufacturing, leisure, marketing and charities (pro bono), as well as individuals who are seeking to successfully master goals or challenges. Many have chosen to rehire me on the strength of the results they have been able to achieve.


  • 1. The Coaching Academy UK Corporate & Executive Coaching Programme Excel and The Small Business Coaching Programme
  • 2. ISP Gold Award in the Financial Category 1988, Institute of Directors Marketing Award 1992, Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce Award for Enterprise 1992, PR Week Runner Up Award for Best Promotional Activity 1998
  • 3. Department of Energy, London and Government of Ontario
  • 4. Including BBC, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, HJ Heinz, Lever Brothers, Mars Confectionery, Nat West, Tesco, Volvo Concessionaires.
  • 5. 77% respondents from a sample of 2000 British employees feel that they would benefit from more training, and 82% of respondents stated that if they were thinking about changing jobs, they would be more likely to choose an employer who invests in more professional development and training.   Learning Skills Council, July 2008