How I can help

Why everyone needs Performance Coaching:

I have been coaching individuals on all of the following:


empty I would like to achieve more, have a better personal life and/or see more of my family

Time management and organisational skills, stress identification and management, work/life balance, self-confidence.


empty I want to improve focus on new customers’ engagement and/or sales:


empty I want to grow my business

Development strategy, team development and performance management – look at your business through new eyes and challenge those assumptions.


empty Before or after promotion or to tackle under performance

When an individual has been promoted or is being groomed for promotion or has the opportunity to perform a new task or role – or is just under performing.


empty After appraisals or performance reviews:

To accelerate the employee to reach the objectives set, with lasting effect, and to stretch each individual’s comfort zone.


empty To ensure full value from a training programme

When swamped with work, how many have time to implement the new skills learnt?


emptyResearch on productivity in a public agency shows that training alone resulted in a 22% increase in productivity, whilst coupled with coaching the rate is 88%. Executive coaching as a transfer tool, Olivero, Bane, Kopelman 1997.empty


empty To address business owners’ obstacles

How to deal with lack of direction and control, failure to convert clients, the need to re-invent the wheel due to lack of systems, and the seeming inevitability of being swamped by daily detail.


emptyAn estimated 82% of business owners surveyed had no formal training to conduct their role. Typical areas of concern include: cash flow problems, productivity, sales, marketing, strategy, time, retention of staff.
The Coaching Academy 2007


empty If your team is failing to achieve greater collective performance than if the individuals worked apart?

Good teamwork skills reduce interference enabling individuals to buy into a shared vision. This increases their performance and sharpens their contribution, having ironed out hidden agendas, different commitment levels, personality clashes and examined different ways of seeing and doing things. Course models focus on team members’ personal and shared priorities, working collaboratively and on their contract with customers, their team colleagues and their manager, with 360 degree feedback, and confidentiality assured. As a result, they are motivated to achieve their objectives faster than before, operating with designated freedom in a team structure that gives them confidence and belief.

In effective teams, the output of the team always exceeds the sum of its individual parts.


empty Communication skills

empty we judge ourselves on our intention and others judge us on our impact.

-The Coaching Academy


empty I want to be an inspirational leader … or I want my management to have more influence and impact on the team’s performance and job satisfaction

Better leadership and management skills. It is imperative that deficiencies in approach, strategies and communications are addressed quickly, before the effects domino downward.


emptyAccording to 2002 research by the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, 89% of managers who responded were generally not impressed with their leaders. Key characteristics that leaders should ideally possess were identified as inspiration (55%), strategic thinking (41%), and forward-looking (36%).


empty Is a difficult relationship or change issue diluting my employees’ effectiveness?

Conflict management and prevention, change management.


empty To improve staff retention and give employees a perk that motivates, enthuses and drives them:

A smart reward structure conveys value to them and endorses their value to you..


emptyInner motivation is what sets top employees apart from their less successful peers. If you can install it, it leads to lasting improvements in business.