What almost getting fired teaches you

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Training is valuable, but learning changed thinking to adapt behaviour is more so. 


A few years ago I delivered some time management training to a company in London.

Most of the attendees were able to understand and apply the techniques straight away.


But not James.


Although he understood the techniques, he couldn’t consistently adopt them and was threatened with dismissal if he couldn’t organise himself better within 3 months.


Now he runs the Dubai office for the same company.


So, what changed?  The turning point for James was when he got to grips with his self-talk, mental filters, irrational thoughts and negative behaviours.


He was able to restructure those thoughts and redirect himself accordingly. In other words, he learned the art of introspection and the willingness to learn more about his fundamental nature, purpose and essence– and to build on that self awareness.


As a coach, contemplation is a positive and rewarding daily habit for me. But contemplation doesn’t need the coaching experience to take place.


Anyone can experience the distance and rarity of thinking through an issue and coming back with a solution which results in innovative thinking and better actions.  Once you feel the benefits, you may never stop!


‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things’ said Henry Miller. We need to give ourselves more time to self reflect to arrive at those destinations.